The Swells

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The Swells

Postby zaticon1 on 18 Jun 2017 03:46

The Swells

By Edgar, Al and Moe

See the ship upon the swells
Rolling swells!
What a grand expulsion their turbulence compels!
How the lasses cling and tremble
At the rail, their faces white.
For the fishes they’ll soon sprinkle
And their dresses they will wrinkle
As they lean into the brine
Throwing chyme, chyme, chyme,
All that warm and chunky slime,
From their troubled little tummies to the high and queasy swells,
To the swells, swells, swells, swells,
Swells, swells, swells.
From their tummies to the lucky, pitching swells!
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Re: The Swells

Postby zbeast on 19 Jun 2017 00:28

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