Overheard puke talk, but the puker wasn't hot

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Overheard puke talk, but the puker wasn't hot

Postby jeffbananas on 11 Jan 2018 00:09

Today I overheard a woman on a cell phone. I eagerly anticipated what she would say next as I heard her say, "I coughed and coughed so long and hard..." and before she went out of earshot, she said, "that I threw up." "I coughed and cried and coughed and cried until I threw up." The person on the other end seemed to ask "Just a little?" and she said, "No, it was a lot. Everything."

Unfortunately, only her cough was long and hard. She just wasn't attractive enough to make any difference for me.

This is something I've noticed since I've reduced my indulgence in e-philia. The girl being attractive is the most important thing. What's happening with her mouth is secondary.
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Re: Overheard puke talk, but the puker wasn't hot

Postby fred80 on 11 Jan 2018 19:19

Hi Jeff,

I was wondering what physically happens to you in these situations.
A few months ago I was on a packed bus coming home from work and a young woman projectile vomited over herself and the floor a few seats in front of me with her earphones still in her ears. Rather than feeling aroused, I felt frozen, my heart rate rose, I felt tight chested and I was torn between wanting to get the fuck off the bus (not possible since it was on the approach to Sydney Harbour Bridge) and wanting to help. So all I could do was give her a packet of tissues to help her clean herself up. It was only a few years ago I realised this feeling I get when people vomit in public is anxiety - emetophobia. Afterwards I kept thinking about it though. I was so inspired I incorporated a bus puke in my latest story. For me anxiety and arousal seem to go hand in hand.
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